Sterilisation in Chelsea and Sloane Square

The Walpole Street Practice has a total commitment to the very best controls to guard against any risks of cross infection. We have two decontamination rooms.

All of our treatment rooms use the latest modern equipment, procedures, and techniques, as well as following strict adherence to cross infection, decontamination and sterilisation procedures- and all are tested and audited to maintain the highest standards.The practice exceeds the required standards for cross-infection control and has a dedicated decontamination room incorporating a washer-disinfector and vacuum autoclaves for the sterilisation of all instruments as set out by HTM01-05.

We also use single use disposable items where appropriate. All our instruments are bagged and sealed prior to sterilisation and our patients see the autoclaved bag opened in the surgery. All our handpieces are fully sterilised by the same process and again, the bag is opened in front of the patient.

In the hygienists surgery we have disposable heads for the polishing handpiece. Each head is thrown away after a single use. Further, when demonstrating toothbrush techniques, a new brush is opened each time – and then given to the patient to take home.

When performing surgical procedures we have hospital grade sterilisation protocols that are strictly followed in our private operating theatre on the premises.

These methods have always been used at The Walpole Street Practice, as our patients will have observed. We continue to update these procedures as new disposable products and proven methods become available to us.


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