Dental Crown and Bridges in Chelsea and Sloane Square

We use the latest Trios digital impression scanner for crown and bridges. Our advanced device there is no more Nauseous Impressions.We offer a full program of crown and bridge work to replace and disguise ugly, damaged or missing teeth.Especially effective if teeth are missing, we put crowns over the two teeth either side of the gap (if they have big fillings) with a pontic attached in the middle where the tooth is missing. For big reconstructive cases, this is done is two stages. The first stage is provisional crown and bridge work in Metal and plastic you can critisize the shape, size, colour and position of your new crownwork before going to the final stage in gold and porcelain.This also allows us to control the healing of the dental tissues around the new crown work before proceeding to the final result in gold and porcelain.

Dr Edwin Scher, owner and principal dentist, is a specialist in oral surgery and prosthodontics. Walpole Street Practice offers consultation for our patients. Speak to us now.

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