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Smile enhancements can be something as simple as smoothing a rough edge on a front tooth to something as complex as tooth replacement with implants or crown and bridge work. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses straightening teeth with orthodontics as well as veneers, tooth whitening and replacements of unsightly fillings and crowns.

People seek cosmetic dental treatment for a variety of reasons. Some feel that they just want to freshen up their smile and may just have a whitening procedure, some feel that there is a particular feature of a tooth or teeth that has always annoyed them, others are so distirbed by the appearance of their teeth that it prevents them from smiling.

Recreating smiles in the form of cosmetic dentistry brings an artistic side to dental treatment.


A popular treatment becuase it is non-invasive and harmless which works by lightening the shade of the teeth by varying degrees. Whiter teeth look claener and fresher and have an anti-aging effect. making your skin and eyes appear brighter.

Tooth whitening can be undertaken in various ways: either in the comfort of your home or in the dental chair.

Home bleaching allows you to whiten your teeth at home at a time that suits your busy schedule. The technique involves impressions being taken of your mouth and thin clear custom made trays are given to you along with whitening-gel. The trays should be worn for 2hrs p/day. This technique can take 7 weeks to achieve the shade you desire.

A more ‘instant’ result can be achieved with ‘in-house power whitening’. This techinque requires a 2hr long visit to the pratice, where gel is applied directly to the tooth surface and a light is used to activate the gel. helping to produce an instant bright smile. During this hour you can relax in the dental chair while watching your favourite DVD or listening to music. At Walpole Street we use the ZOOM! whitening system, a safe, effective and fast technique.

  • What to expect during the procedure:
    Patients may comfortably watch DVD’s / listen to CDs.
  • Will it harm the teeth?
  • Possible side-effects:
    Some people experience temporary increased tooth sensitivity. These symptoms disappear within 1-3 days of completion of the treatment.


Veenering the teeth is a very versatile treatment. Venners are thin porcelain facings that covers the front of the teeth to change the overall appearance of the teeth. They can correct crowding as well as spacing and many view veneers as an alternative to orthodontic treatment -having the advantage of being an instant fix and less painful. Teeth that are worn can look new again, short teeth can look longer, the shape of teeth can be made to look more complementary and dark teeth can be made to look whiter. In cases where tooth whitening is not appropriate, veneering offers an alternative course of treatment.

The appearance of teeth can be an aging-factor so younger looking teeth can be as good as a facelift!

  • Will it hurt?
    The treatment is carried out with local anaesthetic so it is not painful. However as with all treatments there is usually a period of adjustment when you and your mouth get used to the new appearance and feel of a new set of teeth.
  • How long do they last?
    Porcelain is very similar to tooth enamel so veneers react when teeth react. If a tooth with a veneer is traumatised the veneers may break or de-bond in which case it would need to be remade or re-bonded. Some patients choose to replace all their veneers in time because they may not be looking as fresh as when they were first made or there has been gum recession. This is very subjective but patients may feel the need to replace any time between 10-25 years after treatment, if ever as veneers usually age better than natural teeth.
  • Will they look natural?
    Yes, veneers are customised to meet the needs of individuals.


This is the use of white filling material to change the appearance of the teeth. it is usually more appropriate when small changes are made. for instance filling a small space between teeth or rounding a sharp canine tooth.

  • How long will it last?
    Bonding is one of the more unpredictable treatments so each case is judged on its own merits.
  • Tooth contouring
    This is the smoothing of the enamel of a tooth to adjust its appearance. A tooth can be made to look shorter or a canine less fang-like. Small changes make a big difference.
  • Does it damage the tooth?
    No, because the adjustment is minimal within the enamel.

 White fillings

Composite filling material can be colour matched to provide an almost invisible filling. Unlike amalgam they actually bond onto the surrounding tooth enamel giving a much better seal and achieve a load-bearing strength comparable to your original healthy tooth. We can safelty replace your silver fillings with discreet white fillings.


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