Preventative in Chelsea and Sloane Square

This is the most important aspect of dental care. Maintaining your regular dental examinations (6 or 12 months depending on your susceptibility to plaque) and hygiene appointments is a commitment on your part to preventative dentistry.

Regular visits to your dentist and hygienist will prevent periodontal disease (gum) and dental decay (caries).

We offer fissure sealants for teeth to prevent cavities forming (especially helpful in childrens teeth), and also custom-made appliances to stop you grinding at night and fracturing or breaking existing dental work or teeth.

Finally and most importantly, regular checking of your soft tissue is essential for early detection of an oral cancer.


Dr Edwin Scher, owner and principal dentist, is a specialist in oral surgery and prosthodontics. Walpole Street Practice offers consultation for our patients. Speak to us now.

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